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On next week that will be the new edition of FMX with its rich program of conferences, great speakers and guests.

Among the impressive list of speakers, some have been interviewed on The Art of VFX such as Erik Nash (Digital Domain) for REAL STEEL, Sue Rowe (Cinesite) for PRINCE OF PERSIA and JOHN CARTER, Thilo Ewers (Pixomondo) for SUCKER PUNCH thus the studio Modus FX (SOURCE CODE, MIRROR MIRROR).

As well as, Jeff White (ILM) and Guy Williams (Weta Digital) for THE AVENGERS and Platige Image team for THE WITCHER 2 that will be on The Art of VFX in the days to come. Do not miss this opportunity to meet these great VFX artists and more.

The Art of VFX will also be present on site and would love to meet you.

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  1. Bonnes nouvelles !
    Est-ce qu’on aura droit à de magnifiques bonus tels la masterclass de Karen Goulekas à ITF 2011 ?

    Bonne visite !



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