Great news, FMX has released the program for the 2024 edition! And there is a lot of talks to not to be missed!

Here is a highlight about the VFX talks:



Wonka: Dale Newton, Animation Supervisor, Framestore
Our Flag Means Death – Season 2: David van Dyke, Visual Effects Supervisor & Producer – Van Dyke Visual Effects, Inc.
Hour Blue: Chris DeFaria (Producer, Keylight), Paul Franklin (VFX Supervisor & Designer, DNEG) & Steve Jelley (CEO of Dimension Studio and Managing Director, DNEG Virtual Production)
Doctor Who: James Coore, VFX Supervisor, and Jonathan Rawlinson, Head of Episodic (REALTIME)
Invisible Effects: Chris White, Visual Effects Supervisor – W?t? FX
Fallout: Jay Worth (Overall VFX Supervisor), Andrea Knoll (Producer), Andreas Giesen (VFX Supervisor at RISE) & Ben Grossmann (CEO, Magnopus)


War is Over: Keith Miller, Creative Director and VFX Supervisor – W?t? FX
Studio Insights One on One: Franck Lambertz (Head of Paris Office/ VFX Supervisor, Rodeo FX), Anne Kolbe (EVP, Visual Effects, Warner Bros. Pictures), Kim Davidson (President & CEO at SideFX) & Dave Gougé (Technology & Entertainment Executive)
VFX Notes Live: Michael Fink (Senior Visual Effects Supervisor, Mike’s Pixel Hut), Ian Failes (Editor-in-Chief, befores & afters) & Hugo Guerra (Director & VFX Supervisor, Hugo’s Desk)
I’m a Virgo: Todd Sheridan Perry, VFX Supervisor
Poor Things: Simon Hughes, Creative Director and Visual Effects Supervisor – Union VFX
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire: Aleks Pejic, VFX Supervisor, DNEG
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ryo Sakaguchi (Overall VFX Supervisor, Scanline VFX) & Christophe Rodo (Co-Founder, VFX Supervisor, Megalis VFX)


Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire: Chris Messineo, FX Supervisor – Sony Pictures Imageworks
Avatar: The Last Airbender: Marion Spates (Visual Effects Supervisor, Flying High Frames) & Emanuel Fuchs (Visual Effects Supervisor, Accenture Song)
The Creator: Charmaine Chan (Visual Effects Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic) & Amanda Johnstone-Batt (CG Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic)
The Marvels: VFX Supervisors Tara DeMarco and Sarah Eim, Dominik Zimmerle, Ernest Dios (both Trixter), and Pietro Ponti (Industrial Light & Magic)

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