Celebrating the Magic Behind the Scenes!

As the curtains casually drop on another wild ride of a year, we’re throwing confetti and giving a big shout-out to you, our dear readers in this cinematic adventure. Your role in making our website one of the most beloved outlet in our industry deserves a standing ovation.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with more sparkle than a Hollywood premiere! May your days be wrapped in laughter, your nights filled with blockbuster movie marathons, and your heart warmed by the company of loved ones. Here’s to more movie magic and epic moments together in the coming year!

And let’s continue the tradition with the wishes from the studios all around the world:

// Access VFX

// Animal Logic

// L’Atelier Animation

// Baked Studios

// beloFX

// Blind LTD

// Cause and FX

// Cine Chromatix

// Cumulus VFX

// Dazzle Pictures

// Deluxe

// Digital District

// Electric Theatre Collective

// Exceptional Minds

// FMX

// Foundry

// Framestore

// Goodbye Kansas Studios

// Imaginary Forces

// Important Looking Pirates

// Industrial Light & Magic

// Ingenuity Studios

// Jellyfish Pictures

// Mathematic Studio

// Palantir Digital

// PFX

// Pixar Animation Studios

// Platige Image

// Proxima Milano

// Rocket Science VFX

// Rodeo FX

// Silver Studios

// Splice

// Spin VFX

// Technicolor

// Tippett Studio

// Trixter

// Union VFX

// UPP

// VIEW Conference

// Windmill Lane

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