The book opens with a preface by Nicolas Cage who lends his voice to the main character of the film, Grug, the father.

The film offers a original and varied world and creatures. This book allows us to see in details about the amount of work and many changes before reaching the final result.

Each character and location have their own chapter full of great concept arts and production designs in all possible styles. Each section is accompanied by a text explaining the references and design choices. This is also an opportunity for the artists to explain more their influences.

The various designs for the environments are a really nice journey with for most of them into a colorful universe.

The book ends with the « Anatomy of a Scene ». This section allows us to see the work, step by step, for the creation of a sequence that included the storyboard, layout, animation, but also visual effects and matte painting without forgetting the stereo aspect.

Fianlly, this book invites us to made another trip in the beautiful and rich universe of THE CROODS. If you liked the movie, you know what you have to do.

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The Art of the Croods

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