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View Conference 2016: Keynotes and workshops

Only two weeks before the new edition of View Conference! Be sure to book your dates and buy your tickets. Check out here for the complete...

View Conference 2016: Program and VFX Speakers

Book your dates, 24-28 October, for the new edition of View Conference! The program is again rich and diverse with many directors and VFX supervisors...

VIEW Conference 2015 trailer

Here is the official trailer for VIEW Conference 2015 that starts today! Don't forget to come, see and meet the great speakers of this new...

VIEW Conference 2015: The program

The program of the 16th edition of VIEW Conference is now online here! For the VFX part, the best days are Wednesday with Daniel Kramer...

VIEW Conference 2015: ILM and Imageworks

Excellent news! VIEW Conference will welcome more great VFX speakers! Daniel Kramer, VFX Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks, will talk about PIXELS. The team of Industrial...