VIEW Conference 2015: The program

The program of the 16th edition of VIEW Conference is now online here!

For the VFX part, the best days are Wednesday with Daniel Kramer from Sony Pictures Imageworks and the team of ILM about the 40 years of the studio.

And then Friday with Erik Nash from MPC then the ILM team for JURASSIC WORLD and finally Christopher Townsend will talk about AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON.

Of course, there are many more conferences, check the complete program about that.

So book your dates and see you there.

PIXELS: My interview of Daniel Kramer about PIXELS.
AVENGERS – AGE OF ULTRON: My interview of Christopher Townsend.
AVENGERS – AGE OF ULTRON: My interview of Ben Snow about AVENGERS – AGE OF ULTRON.
LONE RANGER: My interview of Tim Alexander about LONE RANGER.

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