Here is the recap of my interviews of the week #9. So you won’t miss any of them.


INTERSTELLAR: Ian Hunter – Miniature VFX Supervisor & Co-founder – New Deal Studios

Ian Hunter is in the world of special effects for more than 25 years. He is one of the co-founder of New Deal Studios. He has worked on many films such as BATMAN RETURNS, PITCH BLACK, WAR OF THE WORLDS or THE DARK KNIGHT. He just won the Oscar and BAFTA for Best Visual Effects for INTERSTELLAR.


NORTHMEN – A VIKING SAGA: Frank Kaminski, Marco Del Bianco, Marwin Wanek, Eva Wendler and Christoph Willerscheidt – Day for Night

The team of Day for Night composed by Frank Kaminski (Producer & VFX Supervisor), Marco Del Bianco (Producer & VFX Supervisor), Marwin Wanek (VFX Lead artist), Eva Wendler (VFX Producer) and Christoph Willerscheidt (VFX Artist) explains their work on NORTHMEN – A VIKING SAGA.


KINGSMAN – THE SECRET SERVICE: Matt Kasmir – VFX Supervisor – Nvizible

In 2014, Matt Kasmir explained to us about Nvizible‘s work on EDGE OF TOMORROW. He then worked on DRACULA UNTOLD and PADDINGTON. Today, he talks about his work on KINGSMAN – THE SECRET SERVICE.

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