FMX have announced their first speakers and it looks really interesting!

Anne Kolbe (Senior Vice President of Visual Effects at Warner Bros. Pictures) and Nick Davis (VFX Supervisor) will talk about KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD.

The magic of FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM will be reveal by Christian Manz (Overall VFX Supervisor).

Volker Engel (VFX Supervisor) will presents the VFX of INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE.

Florian Gellinger (VFX Supervisor) will talk about the work of Rise Visual Effects Studios on DOCTOR STRANGE.

Thilo Ewers (VFX Supervisor) will give an insight about the work of Pixomondo on THE WALKING DEAD.

For more informations about the program, have a look here.

More speakers will be announced soon…

FANTASTIC BEASTS: My interview of Christian Manz, Overall VFX Supervisor.
DOCTOR STRANGE: My interview of Florian Gellinger, VFX Supervisor at Rise Visual Effects Studios.

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