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Get ready for the season finale of Foundation! The VFX are made by:Chicken Bone FXCrafty ApesDNEGImportant Looking PiratesMackevisionOutpost VFXRocket Science VFXRodeo FXScanline VFX The Overall VFX...

Lost in Space – Season 3

Get ready for the epic conclusion of Lost in Space! The VFX are made by:Important Looking PiratesMackevisionFramestoreFin Design + EffectsDigital DomainMPC EpisodicMelsThe Resistance VFXCadence EffectsAnimismPixomondoBig...

Stranger Things – Season 4

Be sure to watch this brand new teaser for the fourth season of Stranger Things! The VFX are made by:Crafty ApesDigital DomainImportant Looking PiratesMackevisionRodeo FXScanline...

Jim Button and the Wild 13: VFX Breakdown by Mackevision

Let's go for a ride at sea and much more in this VFX Breakdown showing the work of the Mackevision teams for the German...

The Nevers: VFX Breakdown by Mackevision

Let's have a look at the work made by Mackevision on the HBO Max series, The Nevers (click on the picture below to watch...

Mackevision VFX Animation Reel

Let's have a look at the animation work made by the teams of Mackevision on many shows such as Game of Thrones and Lost...

The Nevers

Let's discover more about The Nevers with its cast & crew! The VFX are made by:EDI Effetti Digitali ItalianiMackevisionMr. X (VFX Supervisor: James Cooper)Scanline...

Star Trek Discovery – Season 3: VFX Breakdown by Mackevision

Let's discover a tour through the galaxy with Mackevision showing their work on the third season of Star Trek Discovery: © Vincent Frei – The...

WATCHMEN: VFX Breakdown by Mackevision

Mackevision released their VFX Breakdown about their work on the HBO series, WATCHMEN: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2020

LOST IN SPACE – Season 2: VFX Breakdown by Mackevision

Come have a look at this excellent VFX Breakdown about the work of Mackevision on the second season of LOST IN SPACE: WANT TO KNOW...