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The Art of VFX at FMX 2012

Hi all, On next week that will be the new edition of FMX with its rich program of conferences, great speakers and guests. Among the impressive list of speakers, some...

CYBERPUNK 2077: Maciej Jackiewicz – Animation Director / CG Supervisor –...

Maciej Jackiewicz and the team of Platige Image had talked about THE WITCHER 2. He is back on The Art of VFX to explain his work on the CYBERPUNK 2077 teaser.

Resident Evil: Deak Ferrand (Art Director) & Sebastien Francoeur (VFX Supervisor)...

Back in 2013, Deak Ferrand explained his work on Jack The Giant Slayer. He then joined the Rodeo FX teams for their Los Angeles...

One of Us Creature Reel 2021

Let's discover the creatures work made by One of Us on shows like Aladdin, Pinocchio, The Witcher and many more: WANT TO KNOW MORE?Aladdin: Dedicated...

Cinesite Showreel 2020

Cinesite presents their latest work in this new showreel featuring THE WITCHER, LOST IN SPACE, ROCKETMAN, RAISING DION and many more: © Vincent Frei –...

animago AWARD: Nominees Entries 2015

The nominees for animago AWARD 2015 have been announced! The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on the evening of the 15 October...

FMX 2012 Report

From 8 to 11th Mai took place the FMX 2012 with an impressive selection of high quality conferences. This was an great opportunity to meet many artists interviewed here and also make beautiful meetings. A big thanks to the FMX staffs!

SPIDER-MAN – FAR FROM HOME: Alexis Wajsbrot – VFX Supervisor –...

In 2017, Alexis Wajsbrot explained the work of Framestore on THOR: RAGNAROK. He is back in the MCU with SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME.

END OF WATCH: Adam Avitabile – VFX Supervisor – Look Effects

Adam Avitabile has explained to us the visual effects of Look Effects on the season finale of LOST. Then he worked on projects like LIMITLESS, FAST FIVE or THE MUPPETS.