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DOCTOR STRANGE: Richard Bluff – VFX Supervisor – Industrial Light &...

In 2014, Richard Bluff explained to us about the work of ILM on LUCY. He then worked on UNBROKEN, AGENT CARTER and THE BIG SHORT. He's now back in the Marvel universe with DOCTOR STRANGE.

LONE SURVIVOR: Jesper Kjolsrud (VFX Supervisor) & Bernhard Kimbacher (Compositing Supervisor)...

In 2011, Jesper Kjolsrud had explained in details the work of Image Engine for THE THING. He then supervised the effects R.I.P.D. As one of Image Engine’s longest serving crewmembers, Bernhard Kimbacher has contributed to many of the company’s projects, including DISTRICT 9; THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE; THE THING; BATTLESHIP and ELYSIUM. He joined Jesper on set in New Mexico as Plate Supervisor for LONE SURVIVOR and was also the Compositing Supervisor.

J. EDGAR: Ollie Rankin & Geoffrey Hancock – VFX Supervisors –...

Geoffrey Hancock has been evolving for over 10 years in visual effects, he worked at Gajdecki Visual Effects, Rainmaker and CIS Vancouver, the latter of which is now Method Studios. Geoffrey has worked on films like I Robot, VANTAGE POINT or NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. This is his third collaboration with Clint Eastwood, he oversaw the effects of CHANGELING and INVICTUS. Ollie Rankin worked at Weta for the first two LORD OF THE RINGS and then joined the teams of MPC and has worked on films such as KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, WATCHMEN or HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. For the occasion of INVICTUS, Ollie joined CIS Vancouver.

THE EMPEROR OF PARIS: Aurelie Lajoux – VFX Supervisor – CGEV

Aurelie Lajoux began her visual effects career in the early 2000s at Duboi. At CGEV and as a VFX Supervisor, she took care of the effects of many movies such as BRICE 3, WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY, SANTA & CIE and VERSAILLES.

Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire: Marcus Taormina...

Marcus Taormina, who previously discussed the visual effects of Army of the Dead in 2021, now shares his insights into his latest collaboration with...

21th Annual VES Awards: The Nominees

The Visual Effects Society has announced the nominations for the 21th Annual VES Awards! The winners will be announced on February 15, 2023! Congratulations and...

20th Annual VES Awards: The Nominees

The Visual Effects Society has announced yesterday the nominations for the 20th Annual VES Awards! Congratulations and good luck to everyone! Outstanding Visual Effects in...

TOGO: Raymond Chen – VFX Supervisor – DNEG

Last year, Raymond Chen explained the work of DNEG on ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL. Today he talks to us about the Disney+ film, TOGO.

WELCOME TO MARWEN: Kevin Baillie – Overall VFX Supervisor – Method...

In 2015, Kevin Baillie explained to us the work of Atomic Fiction (now Method Studios) on THE WALK. He then worked on STAR TREK BEYOND, ALLIED and the TV series, MANIFEST. Today he talks about his new collaboration with director Robert Zemeckis for WELCOME TO MARWEN.

THE LOST CITY OF Z: Eran Dinur – Overall VFX Supervisor...

Prior to joining Brainstorm Digital in 2010. Eran Dinur worked at Framestore and Industrial Light & Magic. At Brainstorm Digital, he took care of the effects of BOARDWALK EMPIRE, THE IMMIGRANT, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, CAFE SOCIETY and NERVE. He has just released his book The Filmmaker's Guide to Visual Effects.