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DEADPOOL: Alex Wang – VFX Supervisor – Digital Domain

Alex Wang started his career in the visual effects at The Orphanage on THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. He worked on many projects before joining ImageMovers Digital for THE CHRISTMAS CAROL and MARS NEEDS MOMS. In 2010, Alex joined Digital Domain for TRON LEGACY and then worked on TRANFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, JACK THE GIANT SLAYER and FURIOUS 7.

DEADPOOL: Jonathan Rothbart – Production VFX Supervisor

Jonathan Rothbart began his career in VFX at Industrial Light & Magic in 1995. He worked on films like DRAGONHEART, MEN IN BLACK or STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE. In 2000, he created the studio The Orphanage with Scott Stewart and Stu Maschwitz. He will oversee the effects of many films like HERO, HELLBOY, SIN CITY or IRON MAN. In 2010, The Orphanage is closed and Jonathan becomes production side VFX Supervisor and take care of the effects of LEGION, PRIEST and AFTER EARTH.

BAFTA 2016: Special Visual Effects nominees

Here are the nominees for Special Visual Effects for the BAFTA 2016: ANT-MAN: Jake Morrison, Greg Steele, Dan Sudick, Alex Wuttke EX MACHINA: Mark Ardington, Sara...

INTERSTELLAR: Ian Hunter – Miniature VFX Supervisor & Co-founder – New...

Ian Hunter is in the world of special effects for more than 25 years. He is one of the co-founder of New Deal Studios. He has worked on many films such as BATMAN RETURNS, PITCH BLACK, WAR OF THE WORLDS or THE DARK KNIGHT. He just won the Oscar and BAFTA for Best Visual Effects for INTERSTELLAR.

LUCY: Richard Bluff – VFX Supervisor – ILM

Before joining ILM in 2003, Richard Bluff worked at Revolution Software and Blur. At ILM, he worked on many films such as STAR WARS: EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH, TRANSFORMERS, IRON MAN or THE AVENGERS.

VFX Supervisor Everett Burrell joins shade VFX

shade VFX have announced yesterday that VFX Supervisor Everett Burrell will join their teams! Here is the press release: Bryan Godwin, CEO shade VFX, announced today...


Last year, Bryan Grill explained to us in details the work of Scanline VFX on IRON MAN 3. He is now back in the Marvel universe with CAPTAIN AMERICA. THE WINTER SOLDIER.

THE WOLVERINE: Glenn Melenhorst – VFX Supervisor – Iloura

Glenn Melenhorst spoke about the effects of Iloura for DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK in 2010, then he worked on films such as PRIEST, TED or AFTER EARTH.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS: Kevin Baillie – VFX Supervisor – Atomic...

A few months ago, Kevin Baillie explained the work of Atomic Fiction of Robert Zemeckis' FLIGHT, for which they won the Satellite Award for Best Visual Effects. This time he talks about his work for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

TOTAL RECALL: Sean Farrow – VFX Supervisor – Lipsync Post

Sean Farrow worked for over 10 years in VFX. He participated in many movie projects as BATMAN BEGINS, ANGELS & DEMONS, JANE EYRE or IRONCLAD and also on TV shows like BAND OF BROTHERS, ROME or MISFITS.