G.I. JOE – RETALIATION: Thad Beier – VFX Supervisor – Digital Domain

Here is the first audio podcast on The Art of VFX. I’m happy to introduce to you Pascal Chappuis who has made this audio interview and will made the next ones.

Thad Beier has worked for over 20 years in visual effects. In 1995, he founded Hammerhead with Rebecca Marie, Jamie Dixon and Dan Chuba. He has worked on many projects such as TITANIC, U-571, FAST AND FURIOUS or 4: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER. In 2010, he joined the team of Digital Domain.

NOTE: Please apologize for the quality of the sound.

A big thanks for your time.


Digital Domain: Dedicated page about G.I. JOE – RETALIATION on Digital Domain website.
Pascal Chappuis: Official website of Pascal Chappuis.


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  1. Dan 13 avril, 2013 at 18:01

    Great work on the film. Loved the fx and the satellite and London scenes were great! If you have any collectibles from the crew, or items from the design of the movie (scripts, storyboards, drawings, models, etc.) I’d love to get anything for my collection.

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