EVOLVE – Ready or Not

Really nice live action trailer for EVOLVE directed by Henry Hobson with the post-production and VFX made by The Mill:


The Mill: Dedicated page about EVOLVE – Ready or Not on The Mill website.


Agency: Team One
Producer: Jenny Valladares
Creative Director: Alastair Green
Creatives: Phil Henson
Account Director: Nathan Smith
Art Director: Davide Vismara
Copywriter: Josh Paialii

Production Company: Furlined
Record Company: Lime
Director: Henry Hobson
Executive Producer: David Thorne
Producer: Stephanie Scire
Director of Photography: Adam Kimmel

Editing Company: TOM
Editor: Gabe Diaz
Edit Assist: Sergio Maggi

Post-Production / VFX
Post-Production / VFX Company: The Mill
Senior Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
Executive Producer, Color: Thatcher Peterson
Producer: Adam Reeb, Will Lemmon
Color Producer: Antonio Hardy
Shoot Supervisor: Felix Urquiza, Dag Ivarsoy
2D Lead Artists: Dag Ivarsoy
3D Lead Artists: Felix Urquiza
2D Artists: Tim Robbins, Jake Maymudes, Patrick Munoz, Becky Porter, Daniel Lang, Remedy Huynh, Steve Gibbons, Chris Staehler, Derrick Ligas
3D Artists: Josh Hatton, Simon Brown, Steven Olson, Mike DiNocco, Jenna Kind, Jason Jansky, Meng Lu, Darren Sumich
Matte Painting: Lynn Yang, Gizem Ersavas, Marie Tricart
Colorist: Adam Scott
Color Assists: Chris Obal, Nick Sanders, Gemma Parr
Art Department: Jeff Langlois, Brett Lopinsky, Laurence Konishi
Production Coordinator: Kris Drenzek
Production Coordinator, Color: Diane Valera

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2015

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