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Intergalactic: Jean-Claude Deguara – Overall VFX Supervisor – Milk VFX

In 2019, Jean-Claude Deguara had explained the work of Milk VFX on the series Good Omens. He's back today to tell us about his...

Intergalactic: VFX Breakdown by Milk VFX

Let's go full science-fiction with the teams of Milk VFX showing their work on the Sky Original series, Intergalactic: WANT TO KNOW MORE?Milk VFX: Dedicated...

Milk VFX Showreel 2021

Let's have a look at the variety of the work made by London based studio Milk VFX on Intergalactic, Cursed, Adrift, Good Omens and...

Milk VFX Environments Reel

After their creatures work, let's have a look at the environments work by London based studio Milk VFX made on Intergalactic, Cursed, Rebecca and...

Milk VFX Creatures Showreel

The London based studio Milk VFX presents the variety of their creatures work made on Intergalactic, Four Kids and It, Good Omens and many...

Lovecraft Country: VFX Breakdown by RISE

Prior to my interview tomorrow, let's have an intergalactic trip to discover the work of RISE on the HBO series, Lovecraft Country: WANT TO KNOW...