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Momoco Showreel 2021

If you like title sequences, then be sure to watch this showreel by London based studio Momoco featuring their work on Bridgerton, Cursed, The...

THE GENTLEMEN: Opening titles by Momoco

Don't miss this stylish opening titles created by London based studio Momoco for the latest Guy Ritchie movie, THE GENTLEMEN: © Vincent Frei – The...

THE GENTLEMEN: VFX Breakdown by Union VFX

Let's have a look at the invisible work of Union VFX on Guy Ritchie movie, THE GENTLEMEN: WANT TO KNOW MORE?Union VFX: Dedicated page about...

THE GENTLEMEN: James Etherington-Sparks – VFX Supervisor – Union VFX

James Etherington-Sparks began his career in visual effects nearly 20 years ago at Cinesite. He then worked in many studios like DNEG, The Mill before joining Union VFX in 2017. He has worked on many projects such as CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, TOTAL RECALL, MAN OF STEEL and DUNKIRK.


Here is a new trailer for THE GENTLEMEN by Guy Ritchie! The VFX are made by: Union Visual Effects (VFX Supervisor: James Etherington-Sparks) Director: Guy Ritchie Release Date:...