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BATTLE FOR SEVASTOPOL (Nezlamna): Main title

Nice main title sequence for BATTLE FOR SEVASTOPOL (Nezlamna) created by Postmodern: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2015

BATTLE FOR SEVASTOPOL (Nezlamna): Making of

Interesting making of about BATTLE FOR SEVASTOPOL (Nezlamna) showing the VFX and postproduction work by Postmodern: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX –...

WAR THUNDER – “Victory is ours”: The Making of

Excellent making of about the work of Postmodern on WAR THUNDER - “Victory is ours” from previz to final shots: WAR THUNDER: “Victory is ours” ©...

WAR THUNDER – “Victory is ours”: Making of (trailer)

Postmodern have just released a trailer for the making of about their impressive work on WAR THUNDER - “Victory is ours”. The full version...

Happy Holidays from The Art of VFX and the VFX studios!

I'm wishing you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year! As last year, here is a nice compilation of holiday cards from...

DAYBREAKERS: James Rogers – VFX Supervisor – Postmodern

James Rogers works in the world of the Australian visual effects for over 15 years. After a journey by Square USA, where he worked on FINAL FANTASY, he then worked as VFX supervisor on ANIMATRIX: THE FINAL FLIGHT OF OSIRIS. He joined Postmodern in 2003 where he supervise the visual effects of many commercials and movies such as DAYBREAKERS, AUSTRALIA and KNOWING. James Rogers talks to us about his work on DAYBREAKERS.