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Interviews of the Week #17

NOAH: Dan Schrecker - VFX Supervisor - Look Effects Since his last interview here, Dan Schrecker worked on several projects such as THE SECRET LIFE...

LONE SURVIVOR: Jesper Kjolsrud (VFX Supervisor) & Bernhard Kimbacher (Compositing Supervisor)...

In 2011, Jesper Kjolsrud had explained in details the work of Image Engine for THE THING. He then supervised the effects R.I.P.D. As one of Image Engine’s longest serving crewmembers, Bernhard Kimbacher has contributed to many of the company’s projects, including DISTRICT 9; THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE; THE THING; BATTLESHIP and ELYSIUM. He joined Jesper on set in New Mexico as Plate Supervisor for LONE SURVIVOR and was also the Compositing Supervisor.

LONE SURVIVOR: VFX breakdown by Image Engine

Beautiful VFX breakdown by Image Engine about their invisible work on LONE SURVIVOR: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014