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Shogun: VFX Breakdown by Goodbye Kansas Studios

Unveil the secrets of Shogun, where the clash of swords meets the spectacle of visual effects crafted by the teams of Goodbye Kansas Studios...

Shogun: VFX Breakdown by SSVFX

Embark on a journey behind the scenes with the teams of the Ireland-based studio SSVFX as they share their process in bringing 17th century...


The battle for power and honor reaches its pinnacle in the highly-anticipated season finale of Shogun! The VFX are made by:Important Looking PiratesSSVFX (VFX Supervisors:...

Shogun: The World of Shogun – History & Backstory

Step into a world of samurais, honor, and intrigue with this stylish full CG introduction directed by Steve Viola to the Shogun series. In...