Step into a world of samurais, honor, and intrigue with this stylish full CG introduction directed by Steve Viola to the Shogun series. In just six minutes, you’ll be transported to a realm filled with stunning landscapes, intricate costumes, and epic battles:


Directed By: Steve Viola
Written By: Dan Masciarelli and Steve Viola, Synderela Peng
Produced By: Dara Barton Producer: Richard Hassen
Executive Producers: Stephanie Gibbons, Steve Viola, Synderela Peng, Dara Barton
Art Direction: Synderela Peng
Edited By: Dan Masciarelli
Sound Editing: Dan Masciarelli (FX), Gavin Little (Echolab)
Sound Mixing: Gavin Little (Echolab)
Visual Effects Producers: Richard Hassen (FX), Claire Dorwart (Method)
Visual Effects Supervisors: Jean Chiu (FX), Jon Noorlander (Method)
Voiceover By: Maya Aoki
Design By: FX Design & VFX
Concept By: FX Design & VFX
Motion Capture: Animatrik Film Design
Visual Effects & Animation By: FX Design & VFX, Method Studios

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2024


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