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87th Oscars Best Visual Effects shortlist

Here is the shortlist for the 87th Oscars Best Visual Effects: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Godzilla Guardians of the Galaxy The...

19th Satellite Awards

Here are the nominations for Best Visual Effects at the 19th Satellite Awards: Eric Durst - SNOWPIERCER (The Weinstein Co.) Stephane Ceretti - GUARDIANS OF THE...

The Top 10 Special FX of 2014 by Wired

Wired and Mike Seymour purpose their top 10 for the VFX of 2014. INTERSTELLAR is 3, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY in 2 and for...

Look back on 2013 and the expectations of 2014

For the 4th years of The Art of VFX, I decided to offer you new content and mostly editorial contents. This first article "Look back on 2013 and the expectations for 2014" is the first step. I hope you will find it interesting.