Titan Books have released this beautiful book about the creation of GODZILLA. After an introduction by director Gareth Edwards, the author Mark Cotta Vaz explains in details the journey that brings this new version of Godzilla on big screens.

The journey covers all the aspects of the movie starting with the early discussions between director Gareth Edwards and Legendary, the design of the creatures, the shooting in Vancouver and many more. In each parts, the author involves many of the key members of the movie such as the production designer Owen Paterson or Jim Rygiel, the Production Visual Effects Supervisor. These parts are covered with great selection of concept art, storyboard pieces and previz pictures (created by The Third Floor). Some sections reveals unseen or abandoned concepts like this alternative opening sequence set in the ice of Siberia.

The book is full of various design and research for Godzilla and the MUTOs. A part of the book unfolds and offers several different versions design of Godzilla. Many illustrations are about the scale research of the creatures with the city environments. We also learn that director Gareth Edwards went early at MPC and meet Guillaume Rocheron that will created a first test of Godzilla. Later MPC was in charge of the creatures work. The various environments such as the Quarantine Zone and the Trestle Bridge are covered with beautiful concept arts and few mentions by Double Negative VFX Supervisor Ken McGaugh who was in charge of these locations.

The final part is dedicated to the post-production process and also the Comic-Con presentation. A final surprise is on the last page that contains the beautiful movie poster featuring the parachutes.


Product details
Dimensions: 254 x 279 mm
Hardback: 168pp
Publication date: 13 May 2014

Where to buy it?
Titan Books: The official page of the book.

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