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HUNTER KILLER: VFX Breakdown by Worldwide FX

Come have a look at the work of Worldwide FX on HUNTER KILLER: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Worldwide FX: Dedicated page about HUNTER KILLER on Worldwide...


Here is the final trailer for HUNTER KILLER: The VFX are made by: Spin VFX Intelligent Creatures (VFX Supervisor: Phil Jones) Nvizible (VFX Supervisor: Jason Evans) Worldwide FX (VFX...

The Killer: Wei Zheng (VFX Supervisor – Artemple Hollywood), Yabin Morales...

Wei Zheng began his career in visual effects in 1998 at ILM. He then worked at Digital Domain and joined Artemple Hollywood in 2012....

HANSEL & GRETEL WITCH HUNTERS: Rebecca Marie – VFX Producer &...

Having worked for many years at Pacific Data Images (PDI) on projects such as TOYS, TRUE LIES or NATURAL BORN KILLERS, Rebecca Marie founded Hammerhead in 1995 with Jamie Dixon, Thad Beier and Dan Chuba. She has participated in very many movies including TITANIC, DEEP BLUE SEA, X2, WANTED or THE BOOK OF ELI.

Invasion – Season 2: Thrain Shadbolt (VFX Supervisor) and Paul Ramsden...

Back in 2020, Thrain Shadbolt explained to us about the visual effects work done by Weta FX on The Christmas Chronicles 2. He then...

TERMINATOR GENISYS: Sheldon Stopsack – VFX Supervisor – MPC

Stopsack Sheldon began his career in the visual effects in 2002 at Ambient Entertainment. He joined MPC in 2007 and worked on films such as CLASH OF THE TITANS, PROMETHEUS, SKYFALL or X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

TERMINATOR GENISYS: Shari Hanson – Production VFX Producer

Before becoming a freelance visual effects producer, Shari Hanson has worked for many years at Industrial Light & Magic in the commercials department and then in features. She took care of the effects of films such as THE ISLAND, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, TRANSFORMERS or STAR TREK.

Invasion – Season 2: Erik Henry – Production VFX Supervisor

Erik Henry has been working in visual effects for almost 38 years and began his career at Dream Quest Images. He has worked on...

THE EMPEROR OF PARIS: Aurelie Lajoux – VFX Supervisor – CGEV

Aurelie Lajoux began her visual effects career in the early 2000s at Duboi. At CGEV and as a VFX Supervisor, she took care of the effects of many movies such as BRICE 3, WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY, SANTA & CIE and VERSAILLES.

NON-STOP: Randy Goux – VFX Supervisor – Prime Focus World

Randy Goux is in visual effects for over 16 years. He has worked in many studios around the world and has worked on various projects such as X-MEN, CONSTANTINE, PATHFINDER or RED.