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Rodeo FX Feature Film Showreel

Brand new showreel by Rodeo FX featuring the latest work such as ENEMY, THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE, NOW YOU SEE ME and many...

Image Engine: Company Reel 2013

Really cool company reel by Image Engine: // WANT TO KNOW MORE? Elysium: Discussion at View Conference 2013 with Peter Muyzers, Chief Operating Officer. Elysium: Interview...

NOW YOU SEE ME: Crowd duplication by Rodeo FX

Here is the crowd duplication breakdown for NOW YOU SEE ME by Rodeo FX. // WANT TO KNOW MORE? - Ara Khanikian: Here is my interview...

NOW YOU SEE ME: Ara Khanikian – VFX Supervisor – Rodeo...

A few months ago, Ara Khanikian explained to us the work of Rodeo FX on JACK THE GIANT SLAYER. Today he talks about the magical effects for NOW YOU SEE ME.

Now You See Me

Here is the new trailer for NOW YOU SEE ME. The VFX are made by : Industrial Light & Magic Image Engine Rodeo FX (VFX Supervisor : Ara...