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COWBOYS & ALIENS: Simon Maddison – VFX Supervisor – Fuel VFX

Simon Maddison joined Fuel VFX nearly 11 years ago. He has worked on projects like FARSCAPE or RIVERWORLD. Then he will oversee the effects of CHARLOTTE'S WEB or BEDTIME STORIES. In the following interview, he talks about his work on COWBOYS & ALIENS.

COWBOYS & ALIENS: Roger Guyett – VFX Supervisor – ILM

Roger Guyett began his career in London and then went to America and worked at PDI before joining ILM. He will work on projects like CASPER, TWISTER or MARS ATTACKS! He will oversee the VFX for two Harry Potter (HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE and HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN), STAR WARS EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH or STAR TREK. He received a BAFTA for Best Visual Effects for SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever: Ashley Bettini – Production VFX Supervisor...

Ashley Bettini began her career in visual effects at ILM in 2009. She has worked on many films such as Iron Man 2, The...

Ghost VFX Showreel 2015

Nice showreel by Ghost VFX about their feature film work like UNBROKEN, PACIFIC RIM, COWBOYS & ALIENS and many commercials: © Vincent Frei – The...

Ghost VFX Showreel 2014

Here is a really nice showreel by Ghost VFX featuring their work on many feature films such as PACIFIC RIM, COWBOYS & ALIENS and...

Shade VFX expands to New York

Great news! Shade VFX will open an office in New York! Here is the press release: SHADE VFX EXPANDS TO NEW YORK David Van Dyke Promoted to...

Animal Logic / Fuel VFX – Showreel 2014

Animal Logic and Fuel VFX presents a great mix of their work from 1991 to 2014 : // WANT TO KNOW MORE? IRON MAN 3: My...

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS: Roger Guyett – Overall VFX Supervisor &...

During his last visit, Roger Guyett explained to us the work of ILM on COWBOYS & ALIENS. In 2013, he is back with director JJ Abrams on STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. In addition to its Overall VFX Supervisor job position, he is the Second unit director as he was on the previous STAR TREK movie.

IRON MAN 3: Simon Maddison – VFX Supervisor – Fuel VFX

Simon Maddison had explained to us the work of Fuel VFX on COWBOYS & ALIENS and THE AVENGERS. Now he talks about his work on IRON MAN 3.

THE AVENGERS: Simon Maddison – VFX Supervisor – Fuel VFX

Simon Maddison is back on The Art of VFX. After he discuss the effects of Fuel VFX on COWBOYS & ALIENS, now he explains his work on THE AVENGERS.