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Best of 2016 and the expectations for 2017

This month of February marks a new year for The Art of VFX and is also the Awards season. The last year was rich of...

Hybride Showreel 2016 (updated)

Hybride have just released an updated showreel featuring their VFX work on WARCRAFT, STAR WARS - THE FORCE AWAKENS, JURASSIC WORLD and many more: ©...

Oscars 2017: the 20 contenders for the Best VFX

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have announced the 20 contenders for the Best Visual Effects Award for the 89th Academy Awards: ALICE...

WARCRAFT: Four VFX Making of by Industrial Light & Magic

Industrial Light & Magic have released four making of about their impressive VFX work on WARCRAFT: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Jeff White: Here is my interview...

WARCRAFT: Jeff White – VFX Supervisor – Industrial Light & Magic

Jeff White explained to us about the work of ILM in 2012 on THE AVENGERS. Then he worked on TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION. He explains in detail today his work on WARCRAFT.

Intel « Warcraft »

Excellent VFX work by Tippett Studio in this WARCRAFT commercial for Intel (click on the picture below to watch it): WANT TO KNOW MORE? Tippett Studio:...

WARCRAFT: Fur pipeline by ILM

Nice video by Wired about the fur system created by Industrial Light & Magic for WARCRAFT: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX –...

WARCRAFT: Hal Hickel – Animation Supervisor – Industrial Light & Magic

In 2013, Hal Hickel had explained in detail about the work of ILM on PACIFIC RIM. He then moved from the giant robots to...

WARCRAFT: BBC article & video about the ILM work

BBC purposes an article and a documentary (UK only) about the VFX made by Industrial Light & Magic for WARCRAFT (click on the picture...


Director Duncan Jones takes us on the sets of WARCRAFT in this featurette: The VFX are made by: Industrial Light & Magic (VFX Supervisor: Jeff White) Hybride...