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WAR THUNDER – “Victory is ours”: The Making of

Excellent making of about the work of Postmodern on WAR THUNDER - “Victory is ours” from previz to final shots: WAR THUNDER: “Victory is ours” ©...

WAR THUNDER – “Victory is ours”: Making of (trailer)

Postmodern have just released a trailer for the making of about their impressive work on WAR THUNDER - “Victory is ours”. The full version...

WAR THUNDER: « Victory is ours »

Really impressive trailer for WAR THUNDER made by a team of 20 people during 12 weeks: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX –...

War Thunder: Battle is on

Really nice CG trailer by the team of Platige Image for War Thunder: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Platige Image: Dedicated page about War Thunder on Platige...