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Video interview of Michael Fink, Senior VFX Supervisor

I take advantage of this special day, my birthday, to offer you the last part of my interview videos filmed during the conferences at Imaging the Future held last July in Neuchatel, Switzerland. I am pleased to have been able to interview one of the VFX masters in the person of Michael Fink, Senior VFX Supervisor with an impressive career that includes films such as BLADE RUNNER, BATMAN RETURNS, THE HUNT OF RED OCTOBER and more recently THE GOLDEN COMPASS, SUCKER PUNCH or AVATAR. He received the Best Visual Effect Academy Award for THE GOLDEN COMPASS.

Video interview of Kevin T. Hahn, CG Supervisor at MPC

Here is the second part of my video interviews: Kevin T. Hahn (JOHN CARTER, QUANTUM OF SOLACE), CG supervisor at MPC, has played the game of questions / answers. Do not miss this new video!

Video interview of Sue Rowe, VFX Supervisor at Cinesite

After more than 150 written interviews, I am really happy to finally offer to you my first video interviews! These three videos were filmed on the sidelines of the Imaging the Future conferences in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Woman first to start this first series with my interview of Sue Rowe, one of the few women VFX Supervisor.