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UPLOAD: VFX Breakdown by FuseFX

Let's take a tour in the Future with the VFX Breakdown by FuseFX about their work on UPLOAD: WANT TO KNOW MORE?Marshall Krasser: My interview...

UPLOAD: Marshall Krasser – VFX Supervisor – FuseFX

In 2015, Marshall Krasser told us about Prime Focus World's work on MORTDECAI. He then worked at Psyop, CoSA VFX before joining FuseFX in 2018. He worked on many series such as THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, LUCIFER and THE 100.


Here is the trailer for the new sci-fi comedy on Amazon Prime, UPLOAD: The VFX are made by: FuseFX (VFX Supervisor: Marshall Krasser) Director: Jeffrey Blitz Release...