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Uncharted: VFX Breakdown by DNEG

The teams of DNEG reveal how they created really crazy action sequences for Uncharted! Don't miss our updated interview! // Uncharted – Exclusive Scene –...

Uncharted: « One Shot » VFX Breakdown by DNEG

Let's have a look at how the teams of DNEG have created one of the crazy action sequences of Uncharted! // Uncharted – Exclusive Scene...

Uncharted: Sebastian Von Overheidt – VFX Supervisor – DNEG

Before joining the DNEG team in 2011 for Captain America: The First Avenger, Sebastian von Overheidt worked in many studios like Trixter and Pixomondo....


Get ready for lot of crazy action in the air with this final trailer of Uncharted! The VFX are made by:DNEG (VFX Supervisor: Sebastian von...

UNCHARTED 4 – A Thief’s End « Man Behind the Treasure »

Nice CG trailer by Digic Pictures for UNCHARTED 4 - A Thief's End "Man Behind the Treasure": WANT TO KNOW MORE? Digic Pictures: Dedicated page about...