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The Third Day: VFX Breakdown by MPC Episodic

Let's go to a mysterious island to discover the work made by MPC Episodic on the series The Third Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzZrN_0-5r0 WANT TO KNOW MORE?Ivor Middleton:...

The Third Day: VFX Reel by IMG VFX

Let's have a trip on a mysterious island of The Third Day with this VFX reel by IMG VFX (click on the picture below...

The Third Day: Ivor Middleton – Overall VFX Supervisor – IMG...

Ivor Middleton has been working in visual effects for over 26 years. He has worked in many studios such as Mill Film, Cinesite and Vine FX. In 2012, he created his own studio IMG VFX. His filmography includes many projects such as GLADIATOR, THE GOLDEN COMPASS, THE RACK PACK and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.