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Tag: The Last Witch Hunter

THE LAST WITCH HUNTER: Nicholas Brooks – Production VFX Supervisor

Nicholas Brooks have started his career in the VFX at Computer Film Company in London in 1989 and have worked on many various projects such as WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, BLADE II, NOW YOU SEE ME or LUCY.

THE LAST WITCH HUNTER: Ara Khanikian – VFX Supervisor – Rodeo...

In 2013, VFX Supervisor Ara Khanikian had explained in detail the work of Rodeo FX on NOW YOU SEE ME. He then worked on many projects and oversaw the visual effects of BIRDMAN and TOMORROWLAND. He now talks about THE LAST WITCH HUNTER, which marks the third Rodeo FX collaboration with Nick Brooks.

THE LAST WITCH HUNTER: VFX Breakdown by Image Engine

Image Engine have published this VFX breakdown about their work on THE LAST WITCH HUNTER: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Image Engine: Dedicated page about THE LAST...


More action and VFX shots in this new trailer for THE LAST WITCH HUNTER: The VFX are made by: Cinesite (VFX Supervisor : Stephane Paris) Image Engine...