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Interview of the Week #40

Here is the recap of my interview of the week #40. So you won't miss any of them. THE GIVER: Mark Breakspear - VFX Supervisor...

THE GIVER: Mark Breakspear – VFX Supervisor – Method Studios

Mark Breakspear explained to us the work of Method Studios for ELYSIUM on his last visit. Then he worked on ENDER'S GAME and THOR: THE DARK WORLD. Today he talks to us about his work on THE GIVER.

THE GIVER: Environment Breakdown

Really nice environment breakdown by Method Studios about their work on THE GIVER: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Method Studios: Dedicated page about THE GIVER on Method...


Here is the first official trailer for THE GIVER: The VFX are made by: Method Studios (VFX Supervisor : Mark Breakspear) The Production VFX Supevisor is :...