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Oblique FX Showreel

Montreal based studio Oblique FX have released a nice showreel featuring their work on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, RIDDICK, SOURCE CODE and many more: ©...

Oblique FX: Feature Film Showreel

Oblique FX presents its feature film showreel with shots of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, SOURCE CODE and many more: © Vincent Frei – The Art...

The closure of Modus FX

Really sad news! Modus FX have closed its doors after many years of activities! Yanick Wilisky, Executive Vice President and Co-founder of Modus FX, talks with...

SOURCE CODE: Yanick Wilisky – VFX Supervisor VFX & Co-founder –...

Yanick Wilisky worked nearly 10 years at Hybride where he participate in projects like SPY KIDS, 300 or SIN CITY. In 2007, he founded with Marc Bourbonnais, Modus FX. He supervised the effects of films as MR. NOBODY, BARNEY'S VERSION or THE AMERICAN.

SOURCE CODE: Louis Morin – Production VFX Supervisor

Before overseeing movies, Louis Morin was a freestyle skier then began working on commercials. In 2000, he joined Buzz Image where he oversaw such films as THE AVIATOR, THE FOUNTAIN, or THE ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND. In 2006, he became freelance supervisor and supervised the VFX for films like I'M NOT THERE, THE AMERICAN or MR. NOBODY.