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PERRY MASON: VFX Breakdown by Pixomondo

Don't miss this VFX Breakdown by Pixomondo about their work on the impressive World War 1 sequence and many more for PERRY MASON: WANT TO...

PERRY MASON: Michael Shelton – VFX Supervisor – Pixomondo

Michael Shelton has worked in many areas of visual effects for over 30 years. He joins the Pixomondo teams in 2017. As a VFX supervisor, he has worked on projects such as HERE AND NOW, MARY POPPINS RETURNS and GOLIATH.

PERRY MASON: Mitchell Drain – VFX Supervisor – Digital Domain

In 2012, Mitchell Drain explained the work of Method Studios on THIS MEANS WAR. He then joined Shade VFX in 2015 and Digital Domain in 2018. He has worked on projects such as KONG: SKULL ISLAND, DOWNSIZING, WESTWORLD and THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

PERRY MASON: VFX Breakdown by Digital Domain

Digital Domain shows us how they recreated the Los Angeles of the 30's for the HBO series, PERRY MASON: © Vincent Frei – The Art...

PERRY MASON: Justin Ball – Overall VFX Supervisor & Second Unit...

Last year, Justin Ball explained his work on THE CURRENT WAR. He then worked on NIGHT SCHOOL, THE OA PART II and UNHINGED.


If you like film noir, then be sure to watch this trailer for the HBO series, PERRY MASON: The VFX are made by:PixomondoCrafty Apes VFXDigital...