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The closure of Modus FX

Really sad news! Modus FX have closed its doors after many years of activities! Yanick Wilisky, Executive Vice President and Co-founder of Modus FX, talks with...

MIRROR MIRROR: Jay Randall – VFX Supervisor – BarXseven

Jay Randall is back on The Art of VFX after he had explained his work on IMMORTALS. This time, he tells us the challenges on this new collaboration with director Tarsem and its MIRROR MIRROR.

MIRROR MIRROR: Sebastien Moreau – VFX Supervisor – Rodeo FX

Sebastien Moreau began his career in visual effects over 15 years ago. He worked in several studios such as Hybride, Weta or ILM and participated in projects such as MIMIC, STAR WARS EPISODE II, WAR OF THE WORLDS or THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING. In 2006, he founded Rodeo FX with Mathieu Raynault and oversee the effects of movies like TERMINATOR SALVATION, SOURCE CODE or RED TAILS. In the following interview, he explains his second collaboration with director Tarsem.

MIRROR MIRROR: Martin Pelletier – VFX Supervisor – Modus FX

Martin Pelletier began his career in the VFX almost 10 years ago. Before joining the teams of Modus FX, Martin worked at Hybride and Buzz Image Group and participated in projects like ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, SIN CITY or 300. At Modus, he oversaw the CG for project such as SUPER or SOURCE CODE. In the following interview, he discusses his work on MIRROR MIRROR.

MIRROR MIRROR: Stuart Lashley – VFX Supervisor – Prime Focus

Stuart Lashley began his career 10 years ago at MPC and works on projects such as TROY, SUNSHINE or WATCHMEN. In 2010, he joined Prime Focus teams. In the following interview, he discusses his work on MIRROR MIRROR.