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Academy Awards Best Visual Effects ever

Great compilation made by Burger Fiction of all the Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects! © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2016


Really nice compilation of FX work by MPC featuring X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, INTO THE WOODS, MAN OF STEEL, LIFE OF PI and...

Look Effects: Before & After Showreel

Look Effects have released a nice showreel featuring a cool selection of their feature films and commercials work (click on the picture to watch...

Rhythm & Hues: Life after Pi

Here is a second trailer for LIFE AFTER PI: RHYTHM & HUES: LIFE AFTER PI is a short documentary filmed on location at Rhythm &...

MPC Film Reel 2014

Here is the beautiful Film Reel 2014 by MPC: // WANT TO KNOW MORE? WORLD WAR Z: My interview of Jessica Norman. MAN OF STEEL: My interview...

LIFE OF PI: Max Ivins – VFX Supervisor – Look Effects

Max Ivins told us about the Look Effects work on CAPTAIN AMERICA some time ago. He is back on The Art of VFX to explain his work on LIFE OF PI.

LIFE OF PI: Geoffrey Niquet – VFX Supervisor – BUF

Geoffrey Niquet is back on The Art of VFX. He had explained his work on ENTER THE VOID. He speaks to us now about BUF work on LIFE OF PI.

LIFE OF PI: Guillaume Rocheron – VFX Supervisor – MPC

Guillaume Rocheron is back for the last interview in 2012 on The Art of VFX! After he has talked about the giants samurais created by MPC for SUCKER PUNCH, it attacks with LIFE OF PI to the creation of unbridled elements in the open ocean.