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Tag: Legendary

CARNIVAL ROW: Max Riess – VFX Supervisor – Pixomondo

Max Riess began his career in visual effects more than 10 years at Pixomondo. He has worked on many projects such as HUGO, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, GAME OF THRONES and IRON SKY 2.

CARNIVAL ROW: Robin Hackl (VFX Supervisor) with Jenn Taylor (Animation Supervisor)...

Robin Hackl is one of the co-founders of Image Engine. He has worked on many projects such as THE TWILIGHT SAGA: DAWN BREAKING PART 1, DEADPOOL, LOGAN and THOR: RAGNAROK.

CARNIVAL ROW: Matt Glover – VFX Supervisor – Mr. X

After explaining the work of Mr. X on SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, Matt Glover is back to tell us about his work on CARNIVAL ROW.

CARNIVAL ROW: Betsy Paterson – Overall VFX Supervisor

Betsy Paterson has worked in visual effects for over 23 years. She worked on many films such as BABE: PIG IN THE CITY, SCOOBY-DOO, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, THE HUNGER GAMES and MARCO POLO.