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Tag: Immortals

IMMORTALS: Danielle Plantec – VFX Supervisor – Scanline VFX

Danielle Plantec is in the VFX for over 16 years. She has worked in studios as Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, or ESC. In 2004, Danielle joined Scanline VFX and worked on films like THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, 300 or HEREAFTER. She received a VES Award for this film. In the following interview, she talks about her work on IMMORTALS.

IMMORTALS: Matt Jacobs – VFX Supervisor – Tippett Studio

Matt Jacobs arrived at Tippett Studio in 1997. As a compositor, he has worked on films such as MISSION TO MARS, HOLLOW MAN or BLADE II. And then as Lead compositor, he takes care of the films MEN IN BLACK II, MATRIX REVOLUTIONS or CONSTANTINE. In 2007, he will oversee the effects of THE GOLDEN COMPASS then TWILIGHT SAGA HESITATION and TEMPTATION and not forgetting HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2. In the following interview, Matt Jacobs talks about his work on IMMORTALS.

IMMORTALS: Vincent Poitras – Lead Compositor – Rodeo FX

Vincent Poitras began in the visual effects on the movie 300 at Buzz Image Group in 2006. He then worked on films such as FLOOD or DOOMSDAY. In 2008 he joined the team of Rodeo FX. He will participate in all major projects of the studio such as MR NOBODY, REPO MEN, DEATH RACE or recently THE THREE MUSKETEERS. In the following interview, Vincent talks about his work on IMMORTALS.

IMMORTALS: Simon Hughes – VFX Supervisor – Image Engine

Simon Hughes began his career in visual effects in 1997 at Cinesite. For over 10 years, he worked in various studios like Double Negative, Rainmaker UK or Clear and on movies like KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, UNITED 93 or SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. In 2009, he joined the teams of Image Engine to work on DISTRICT 9. He subsequently oversaw the effects of film LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, THE LOSERS or THE FACTORY. In the following interview, he talks (with Gustavo Yamin, Jordan Benwick and Janeen Elliott) of his work on IMMORTALS.

IMMORTALS: Jay Randall – VFX Supervisor & Founder – BarXseven

Jay Randall started his career in 1997 working on GODZILLA. He then worked on films like THE FIFTH ELEMENT, PEARL HARBOR or TITANIC. In 2005, he founded the studio BarXseven in Montreal and work as a VFX supervisor on films like TRANSPORTER 2 or STRANGER THAN FICTION. In the following interview, he talks about his work on IMMORTALS.