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EVEREST: VFX Breakdown by Union VFX

Union VFX presents their invisible VFX work on EVEREST: © Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2016

EVEREST: VFX Breakdown by RVX

RVX presents their VFX work to recreate the extreme conditions needed for EVEREST: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Everest: My interview of Dadi Einarsson, VFX Supervisor &...

OSCARS 2016: The preliminary VFX shortlist

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have announced the preliminary shortlist for the Best Visual Effects Award for the 88th Academy Awards: ANT-MAN AVENGERS:...

EVEREST: Dadi Einarsson – Co-founder & VFX Supervisor – RVX

During his last visit, Dadi Einarsson talked to us about his work on CONTRABAND. He then worked on films such as THE DEEP, BOARDWALK EMPIRE and GRAVITY. Framestore Reykjavik also became independant and is now called RVX.

VIEW Conference 2015 trailer

Here is the official trailer for VIEW Conference 2015 that starts today! Don't forget to come, see and meet the great speakers of this new...


Lots of spectacular pictures in this new trailer for EVEREST: The VFX are made by: RVX Framestore Important Looking Pirates (VFX Supervisor : Stefan Andersson) One Of Us Union Visual...