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Eiffel: VFX Making of by BUF

Interested to discover how the teams of BUF have recreated Paris and the early days of the Eiffel Tower? Then don't miss this making...

Eiffel: Olivier Cauwet – Overall VFX Supervisor – BUF

In 2017, Olivier Cauwet explained the work of BUF on Blade Runner 2049. He then worked on several shows such as The Predator, Synchronic...

Eiffel: VFX Making Of

VFX Supervisor Olivier Cauwet talks about the visual effects work (made by BUF) to recreate Paris and the Eiffel Tower in this making of...


Interested to discover the origins of the Eiffel tower? Then don't miss this first trailer for the French movie, Eiffel: The VFX are made by:BUFMac...