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Tag: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola ‘The Awakening’: Making of by Mathematic Studio

Let's discover how the teams of Mathematic Studio have created epic battle for the Coca-Cola commercial, The Awakening: // Coca-Cola ‘The Awakening’ // CREDITS Agency: BETC LondonCreative...

Coca-Cola “A Mini Marvel”: Making of by Luma Pictures

Excellent making of by Luma Pictures about their VFX work on Coca-Cola “A Mini Marvel” (click on the picture below to watch it): Coca-Cola “A...

COCA COLA Minute Maid Pulpy: Making of

Really nice making of by Platige Image about their VFX work on this COCA COLA Minute Maid Pulpy commercial: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Platige Image: Dedicated...

COCA-COLA « Man and Dog »

Beautiful hand-drawn animation made by Psyop for this COCA-COLA commercial: WANT TO KNOW MORE? Psyop: Dedicated page about COCA-COLA "Man and Dog" on Psyop website. © Vincent...

Coca-Cola « Pemberton » by Glassworks

Here is a really cool commercial for Coca-Cola with VFX done by Glassworks: SHOTS BREAKDOWN WANT TO KNOW MORE? Glassworks: Dedicated page about Coca-Cola "Pemberton" on Glassworks...