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ATTRACTION: Arman Yahin (CEO), Andrey Maximov & Dmitry Kuznetsov (VFX supervisors)...

The team of Main Road Post, composed of Arman Yahin (CEO) and the VFX Supervisors Andrey Maximov and Dmitry Kuznetsov, talks in detail about their great work on ATTRACTION.

Imaging the Future 2017: The VFX speakers

The new edition of NIFFF have presented his 2017 program, so let's have a look at the VFX speakers of Imaging the Future: The two...

ATTRACTION (PRITYAZHENIE): VFX Breakdown by Main Road Post

Excellent VFX Breakdown by Russian studio Main Road Post about their work on ATTRACTION (PRITYAZHENIE): WANT TO KNOW MORE? Main Road Post: Dedicated page about ATTRACTION...

ATTRACTION (Prityazhenie)

Here is a TV Spot for the Russian sci-fi movie, ATTRACTION (Prityazhenie): The VFX are made by: Main Road Post Director: Fedor Bondarchuk Release Date: 26 January 2017...