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Resident Evil: Deak Ferrand (Art Director) & Sebastien Francoeur (VFX Supervisor)...

Back in 2013, Deak Ferrand explained his work on Jack The Giant Slayer. He then joined the Rodeo FX teams for their Los Angeles...

THE WITCHER 3 – WILD HUNT: Tomek Baginski (Director), Maciej Jackiewicz...

The Platige Image team is back on The Art of VFX. They have explained their work on THE WITCHER 2 and CYBERPUNK 2077, now they talks about the creation of the teaser for THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT.

SUCKER PUNCH: Thilo Ewers – Art Director & Environment Supervisor –...

After several years of freelance, Thilo Ewers joined the team of Pixomondo in 2008. He has worked on films such as NINJA ASSASSIN, 2012 or THE LAST AIRBENDER. In the following interview, he discusses his work on SUCKER PUNCH.

AVATAR: Interview Neil Huxley – Art Director – Prime Focus

Neil Huxley has worked more than 5 years at Digital Pictures Iloura as Flame operator before coming to the United States where he worked as art director on movies such as GAMER or WATCHMEN at yU+co. It's him that create the beautiful opening title sequence of this show. In 2009, he joined Prime Focus. In the following interview, he talks about his work on AVATAR.