Allegorithmic will release an update for Substance Designer!

Here is the press release:

CLERMONT-FERRAND, France Allegorithmic releases a new update to Substance Designer engineered to take on the high-res workflows of professional VFX artists. With the introduction of UDIM support, the process of texturing large meshes will now be faster and easier than ever, bringing Substance Designer’s node-based, material authoring capabilities to an even wider audience.

Excited to start using Substance, several major VFX houses have been developing workarounds for Substance Designer, waiting for the day UDIM support was officially part of the product. Now, the heavy assets favored by film artists can be outfitted with 8K textures designed from scratch or through scan processing tools, using a seamless workflow that fits right into their pipelines.

Since VFX is a demanding workflow, Allegorithmic has strengthened the entire program to match its needs, introducing new performance improvements and increased speeds of up to 30 percent when working with big graphs. Substance Designer’s 3D View has also been upgraded, improving high-poly mesh loading times, and making each view better looking and faster to access.

“Our new release process has allowed us to tackle bigger projects on a faster timeline, and this time we really went for the moon,” said Allegorithmic Founder and CEO Dr. Sébastien Deguy. “By opening up UDIM workflows, we are not only responding to the VFX artists that need them, but the broadcast and commercial artists working on 4K workflows. Now, each user can get what they need out of the toolset, whether that’s today, tomorrow or a year down the road.”

As Substance fans have come to expect, the latest update will also launch with nine new nodes, including one for 3D noises and another for 3D projection/selection tools. The Baker panel also gains a new 2D viewer, allowing artists to check their work with high-res previews.

The latest version of Substance Designer will be on display at GDC 2018 in Allegorithmic’s Booth #1709 in the Moscone Center South Hall. To see a demo or schedule a meeting, please contact:

The new update to Substance Designer is available today at no cost to current subscribers. Following the trial period, individual users will be able to subscribe to the Indie or Pro plans. Subscriptions to Substance Indie cost $19.90/month; Pro plans cost $99.90/month. Substance Designer is also available for individual-license purchase, which includes 12 months of maintenance. Enterprise and education pricing is available upon request. Students and teachers can request a license at no cost.

About Allegorithmic
Allegorithmic is the industry leader in 3D texture and material creation technologies. More than 100,000 users in the domains of games and entertainment, film and VFX, architecture, and design rely on Allegorithmic’s award-winning Substance texture and material authoring software for developing the next generation of digital content. Clients include: Activision, Sony Computer Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Gensler. Founded in 2003, Allegorithmic is based in France with offices in Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon and Paris, and has global offices in Los Angeles, Montreal, Singapore and Seoul.


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