Brainstorm Digital have released a VFX breakdown about their really nice work on SONS OF LIBERTY:



Eran Dinur – VFX Supervisor
Glenn Allen – VFX Supervisor
Richard Friedlander – VFX Producer
Matthew Conner – Supervising Matte Painter
Mani Trump – Supervising Compositor
Mirelle Underwood – CG Lead
Vadim Turchin – CG Artist
Yunsik Noh – Lead Compositor
Basak Geckinli – Digital Compositor
Mina Choe – Digital Compositor
Jesse Speer – Digital Compositor
Nick Constandy – Matte Painter
Alex Tomaszewski – Digital Compositor
Christian Lowe – Digital Compositor
Christina Shin – Digital Compositor
Hussein Rodrigo – CG Modeler

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2015


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