Here is the teaser of REMORA, a feature film produced by Nomad VFX:


In a dying planet, beneath a thick ice shell, a huge submarine city travels across the pan-ocean. Its citizens prepare themselves for the exodus to the new world. Ratio, a seabed driller, uncovers the plan to sacrifice the first ships, which will fracture the ice shell so that only the ship carrying the society’s elite will manage to go through it. After being accused of being a traitor, Ratio is rescued by Lania. She is an earth-bound, she belongs to a society of outcasts who live hidden inside a volcano. Ratio and Lania attempt to attach a ship carrying earth-bounds like a remora to the exodus ship in order to escape from the ice world in search for their destiny at the opposite end of the galaxy: a small blue planet with only one sun and only one satellite, where dinosaurs still prevail.

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2014


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