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Rose Island: Elisabetta Rocca & Stefano Leoni – VFX Supervisors –...

Elisabetta Rocca has been working at EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani for more than 6 years. She has worked on projects such as The Champion,...

THE HIGHWAYMEN: Chris MacLean – VFX Supervisor – Mr. X

In 2014, Chris MacLean explained the work of Mr. X on POMPEII. He then worked on many projects such as CRIMSON PEAK, BEN-HUR, LEGION and THE STRAIN.

FMX 2017: full trailer and more speakers

Check out the full trailer of FMX 2017! Their program have now more new speakers such as: Scott Stokdyk, Overall VFX Supervisor, and Martin Hill, VFX...

House of the Dragon: Sven Martin – VFX Supervisor – Pixomondo

In 2021, Sven Martin explained the visual effects work made by Pixomondo on Without Remorse. He then worked on Help, I Shrunk My Friends...

WRATH OF THE TITANS: Olivier Dumont – VFX Supervisor – Method...

Olivier Dumont began his career in VFX there are over 10 years at Buf. He participated in projects such as HUMAN NATURE, MATRIX RELOADED, ALEXANDER or SPEED RACER. In 2009, he joined the teams of Method Studios and worked on films like THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE, THE RITE or THE TREE OF LIFE. In the following interview, he discusses his work on WRATH OF THE TITANS.