New trailer and new release date for MOWGLI – LEGEND OF THE JUNGLE!

The VFX are made by:
Framestore – London (VFX Supervisor: Nigel Denton-Howes / Animation Supervisor: Max Solomon)
Framestore – Montreal (VFX Supervisor: Ivan Moran / Animation Supervisor: Kyle Dunlevy)
Rodeo FX (VFX Supervisor: François Dumoulin / Animation Supervisor: Yvon Jardel)
Black Ginger (VFX Supervisor: Marco Raposo de Barbosa)

The Production VFX Supervisors are George Murphy and Nigel Denton-Howes.
The Production VFX Producer is Rich Yeomans.

Director: Andy Serkis
Release Date: 7 December 2018 (USA)

© Vincent Frei – The Art of VFX – 2018


  1. Don’t you agree that the concept of Shere Khan’s head (as far as the modeling-sculpting of the shape of it is concerned) is really unreal or quite strange? (at least in comparison to Shere Khan in the movie « The Jungle Book » it is much worse. In my opinion. Thank you. (1:07 minute in the trailer).


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