300 – RISE OF AN EMPIRE: Danielle Plantec & Bryan Hirota – VFX Supervisors – Scanline VFX

In 2011, Danielle Plantec had detailed to us the work of Scanline VFX on IMMORTALS. She then worked on films such as IRON MAN 3, MAN OF STEEL or THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. In 2012, Byan Hirota talked about his work on SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN at Pixomondo. He has moved then to Scanline VFX. Today, they explain in detail their work on the sequel of 300.


THE MONUMENTS MEN: Jon Neill – VFX Supervisor – Cinesite

In his last interview, Jon Neill had explained in details the work of Cinesite on SKYFALL. Now, he tells us about his work on THE MONUMENTS MEN.

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